7 Tips to Setting Personal Goals That Will Inspire You to Take Action

There are many people that drift in this world and live day by day or work hard at what they do, but don’t seem to know where they want to go, they are just “going with the flow”.

The reason they may feel this way is because there is no clarity, and no goal.

You can tell yourself you’ve been hustling hard or staying busy every day, but what does it really matter if you’re not setting personal goals?

Deciding to strive for goals can actually change your life and help you take complete charge of everything that happens to you.

Setting personal goals is something that took me awhile to understand and finally made it a habit to add to my personal life. When you finally decide on your goals, the goal setting theory states that your mind will establish specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted ideas, or SMART goal settings.

Setting short and long term goals are common practice among some of the most successful people on this planet. Regardless of the industry, aspiring to a goal can go a long ways in furthering your focus and overall success. Business winners, most often carrying the education of an online MBA program, are the most common goal setters. They may know what numbers they have to hit in order to have a profitable month, and they strive for these goals each day.

Goals support your success and I’m going to give you some tips to build on your goals. Here’s a list of my personal tips to help you get started with your goals and hopefully inspire you to take action:

One: Decide What it is That You Really Want

Deciding exactly what you want is always the first step. But what if you don’t know what you want? Ask yourself, is there something you need or want to show up in your life?

These thoughts can be setting financial goals, setting career goals, setting business goals, relationship goals, health goals or any desire that you feel right for yourself.

Being able to really pin point a goal you need clarity and going after something that you really want, you must stay positive.

What is clarity? In short, clarity is to be certain and clear that you know you will achieve your goal. You just know.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” -Albert Einstein

Two: Getting Use To Writing and Why You Should Start Now

One of the most things people don’t realize is that when you set your goals, and you get all excited about, you’re ready to take action, but than a couple of days later you forget about it or procrastinate because you doing know where to start and end up giving up. Write your goals down!

Write down what you want and list the steps how you’re going to achieve it. This is something that I continue to do on the daily. Keep a small note pad with you and look at it often, daily, day and night.

When you write down your goals of that end result, your emotions opens up and that feeling is what connects you to your goals. Stay focused!

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” -Bruce Lee

Three: How to Set A Deadline

Most people will tell you to set a deadline; however my deadlines aren’t always exact.

I would look at my calendar and decide on a day but its usually a day off, a week off, or even a month. Things can show up and hold you back from getting to the day you set as a deadline, and this is okay, just know that you will reach it and feel that feeling of how bad you want it. As long as you stay focused, there is no choice but to reach it. It doesn’t matter if your deadline isn’t right where you set it. Keep going!

Four: Increase Productivity by Breaking it Down

A lot of people seem to give up on goals because they don’t know where to begin. Days pass, weeks pass, and the goal fades into another dream. This is why people procrastinate; you don’t know where to start. Here is the solution, as you write down your goal, add steps to the goal randomly on your note pad. Go back and list them from 1 to 10 or whichever way helps you determine which steps to take first.

Another way is to break those steps to even smaller steps. That way you can have an even more clear way to check off your list.

Stay persistence and don’t start on the next step until you are finished with the first.

Five: How to Stay Motivated and Get To Your End Result

With this hectic world and laziness environment we surround ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up and forget about your goals or even drop the whole idea.

To get through this, set apart away from work and sit somewhere quiet and visualize the end result. Notice I mention “end result” throughout this article.

Try this; imagine your goal when you’ve reached it. How does it look? How does it feel? Now, hold that feeling for a couple of seconds or minutes. Feels great right? It is very inspiring knowing that you can actually see within your mind of the goal reached.

It is proven what you see within your mind, you can achieve. Believe that is true and keep focusing on the end result.

I know it may sounds weird and you may not be aware of it but when you’re caught up with all these busyness around you, you forget to appreciate your desire or your goal. You try to figure out how to get it done, your mind gets caught up with so much “How” that it hard for you to get to your goal.

There are more details to this and I’ll write that in another article but just focus on your end results and all the steps will come to you.

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.” -Robert Collier

Six: Learn How to Take a Break and Relax

You’er in the zone and want to keep going but your body is tired. Even though you’re doing well with your list and getting closer to your goal, its ok to take a break.

Give your mind and body some time off. A day or two is fine. This will allow your body re-energized for the next steps ahead.

Just make sure when you do, leave everything alone, worrying about what needs to be done will only stress you out. Relax, enjoy the moment of the now. Let go.

Work smarter not harder.

And Seven: What Should You Do If You Fail and Hit Rock Bottom

This is one that most that everyone fear. To try to attempt a goal but fear they will fail or end up failing after reaching the goal.

Fear actually prevent people from going after what they want. They only want to be in the safe zone and say they rather be safe than sorry. Or, after failing the goal they give up too easily because they fear they will fail again.

The truth is, you don’t know if you will fail; only you know if you will succeed.

If you feel that it is something you really want, try it until you succeed or at least to find out if it was for you in the first place.

Stop making excuses for yourself. Become aware of your thoughts and the excuses you say. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but listen to yourself when you are questioned about your goals. Those excuses you make are habits, it comes out and you don’t realize that you thought of it. Aware or not, you are the one who creates excuses.

Start becoming aware of your thoughts. There should be no excuses for setting personal goals and achieving them.

It is about experiences not the doubts, worries, or being “safe”. Take risk and try new things.

If you have been doing the same thing all of your life and too comfortable to change, It’s not too late, the only time is the present time. Everyone fails; failing is a part of the process.

Keep failing, the best feeling is to emerge out of that and come back 10 times stronger.

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I didn’t realize this article came out to be 1,500 plus words. I only planned a 500 word article. I guess I have a lot to say about personal goal settings. 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoy this article and possibly inspire you take action on your goals to that end result.

What do you think?

I never wrote a blog post up before. Anyway, I would love to hear your feedback and personal goals.

Did this article help you with setting personal goals? Do you have any go tips to add? What drives you to your goals? Do you agree or disagree about failing? Comment below! Let me know.

Check out this video from Brian Tracy on Goal Settings

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