How to Get an Awesome eCommerce Logo Design Quick and Cheap

The last post, we talked about getting your eCommerce niche idea.

Hopefully, by now you were able to narrow it down.

If not, let me know and I can help with some ideas.

In this blog post, I’ll give you a few tips and ideas on getting your eCommerce logo designs.

Not only that… Done quickly and cheap.

This guide isn’t to show you how to design a logo. You do not need to worry if you need to learn graphic design either.

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3 Creative Ways to Find Your eCommerce Niche Ideas

Coming up with eCommerce niche ideas and not knowing what will work can get confusing.

Good news!

I’ll be creating an eCommerce branding series for you to follow.

The series will go into niche selection, product selection, creating your eCommerce website, and more.

In this post, I’ll show you 3 ways I use that help me come up with ideas for a niche to create an eCommerce brand around.

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How I Created a 6-Figure eCommerce Business Online

Now, before I start, one word…


This is what I want my website to be about.

And I’m not here to brag, I’ll share all my failures and success.

I only want to provide value.

You’ll know who I am, my goals, and all my secrets that helped me reach to a six-figure eCommerce business online, and hopefully, share more of my journey as reach for seven-figures.

At the end of the post, I’ll have something for you to check out for those that help to create an eCommerce brand.

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7 Reasons Why Taking Huge Risks Now Can Be a Life Changer

Yes, I’ll have to admit sometimes when taking huge risks you’ll end up not going your way.

I’ve done so many times, even my last challenge here on this blog, which didn’t turn out right.

These phases probably won’t be the last either, but I want to continue taking these risks.

When was the last time you’ve taken a risk and actually went through with it?

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$1K Per Month Merch By Amazon: Why I Decide to Pause

Did I fail?…

I’ve decided to pause this “challenge” to hit $1k per month with Merch by Amazon because, in a nutshell, I’m too focused on trying to take my 6-figure eCommerce business to 7-figures.

I started this challenge back in February of this year.

When I saw the potential of getting passive income from this type of model and I wanted more. But of course, to get more, you’ll have to put in more work.

Thinking, yes I can just hire a few people and let this flyby passively.

I was wrong.

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How to Get Awesome T-Shirt Designs Cheap

If you’re hustling in Merch by Amazon like myself, there’s nothing wrong with finding freelance shirt designers to help you achieve your goals.

However, hiring a tee shirt designer can cost a lot.

Not to mention getting the designs print ready for a commercial license to sell.

On the other hand, maybe you are a designer and want to delegate your designs because you just don’t have time anymore.

For myself, when I’m super busy I rather focus on the business side than working inside. Hiring a freelance designer would be the best solution for this problem.

Today I’ll show you exactly how I search for my tshirt designer and hire for cheap.

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$1k Per Month Challenge: Merch by Amazon Update #1

I’ve been really busy with projects after projects, and I even added another goal to my 2018 year goals.

Feels like I keep adding more, “shiny object syndrome”, but I think that should be the last to the list of goals.


I wanted to update with what I’ve been doing with Merch By Amazon.

It’s been rough, I’ll admit.

This Merch by Amazon hustle is much more than I thought it would take. It’s definitely not that easy as I thought it would be.

To be honest, I was so close to stopping this whole challenge and just give up.

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Focus Willingness to Take Risks and Be a Risk Taker

I’m sure you would agree risk-taking is something hard to do.

Especially when you want to go after something you think it’s right, but you’re unsure.

That’s when the voice creeps in…

What if I fail?… What if I lose all of my money?… What if I don’t like it… What if…

We’ve all been there, and sometimes we push through the risk and it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

I can recall multiple takes when I jumped into something even taking all the calculated risks and end up failing.

It hurts, to be honest, but it’s okay because that’s not my end goal.

To get out of being hurt, you have to focus on not being hurt, right?

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$1k Per Month Challenge: Sell Amazon T-Shirt Design for Passive Income

It was actually one of my goals to have a t-shirt brand.

Designing cool shirts and selling them… how awesome would that be?

…but I didn’t want to open a store or buy expensive screenprinting.

That’s a business on its own. I get the quality and business model, but I prefer using a print on demand service.

Not only that, I need to scale as fast as possible.

Selling t-shirts on Amazon is the way to go to make extra income and can be passive.


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My 2018 Goals and Commitments to Success

(Update 1-20-2018: I realize there were two parts of generating leads for my eCommerce business, the first side is the backend which deals with automation, segmentation, filters, flows, broadcast, etc. I’m in the process of hiring 2 other people to help with this, a designer and email copywriter. I’ll be adding “The eCommerce Email Backend” as another goal.)

(Update 3-27-2018: I end up adding another goal to my 2018 list. I want to hit $1,000 per month or more on my brand authority site with affiliate marketing. Currently, it’s generating $265 average per month, but I’ve been in the process of scaling it. Read more below if you want to know more.)

It’s that time again for you to make some type of New Years Resolution.


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